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    Right now, things are getting worse. If you’re worried about the cost of rent, mortgages or food and you think the Labor government is failing to act, then you’re not alone.

    Labor has refused to cap rents, given billions in handouts to the wealthy property investors that stop renters buying their first home, approved new coal and gas projects and failed to act on the cost of living crisis.

    That’s not what our community is about. We are one of the most compassionate, progressive communities in the country. It’s time to send Labor a message.

    We should be represented by someone who shares our values, not a politician who says one thing and then votes differently in Parliament.

    We need change. Labor says one thing and does another. Our community deserves a party they can trust and a representative who will fight for them.

    This election for the first time we can elect a Greens MP to the seat of Macnamara. Someone to truly represent the values of our community.

    If you want change, you have to vote for it.