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Join the Fight to Turn Macnamara Green


I’m absolutely delighted to announce I’ll be running for the federal seat of Macnamara in my beautiful bayside community.

We have something special over here. And every one of us deserves a hopeful future, affordable housing and to be able to pay their grocery bills!

For months at markets, people have been sharing with me it feels like they voted out the Liberal government, and got a Liberal-Lite government instead.

We need courageous leadership to tackle the challenges so many of us are facing. So I’m ready to work hard for the community who cares for me and my family.

I’ll be campaigning on:

  • 💸 Cost of living – nobody should have to choose between groceries and medication. (Or between new school shoes or fruit, like me this week.)
  • 🏡 Housing – we need a rent freeze and mortgage relief. (Has your rent gone up? Are you also noticing For Sale signs up and down our streets?)
  • 🌏 Climate – no new coal and gas, we all know our future depends on it.

In solidarity,

Sonya Semmens
Your Greens candidate for Macnamara